Hyperplex Closing

I recently sent the following letter to all the plex users:

I’m writing you today with some bad news. Our ISP hit us with a surprise charge due to overages and we can no longer afford to keep the service running. I apologize to everyone, this wasn’t something planned. All subscriptions will be cancelled on the 1st (you don’t have to do anything), and the people that paid yearly will continue to have access until their year is up.

Our ISP is cutting our internet off on the 8th, and I have no idea when the new ISP will start our (slower) service, so expect an outage around that time.

If there was any way I could keep this running, I would. This server has been like a child to me, but it just became more than I can afford to run.

I hope that wherever you go to get your plex/emby fix fills your streaming needs.

I’m sorry this has to be goodbye.

Happy Streaming,


In Regards to the previous, our bandwidth overages (due exclusively to Plex) totaled over $100. Given that the increase to the power bill was $250 a month, and the $100 overage, that’s a cost of $350 a month. We had 15 users at $5 a user ($4.20 after Paypal’s fees). So our cost was $350 and we were bringing in $63 in donations, it was no longer feasible to run the service.

In previous months, I had enough financially to cover the difference as this was a labor of love. But with recent changes, I can’t cover these costs any longer.

Maybe in the future I’ll have the means, but for now, we are offline.

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