Ripping Audiobooks from Youtube

Hi again! Mullins here.

Today we are going to go through the process of downloading audiobooks from Youtube. As always, I’m just teaching, the legality of these actions falls on your shoulders.


What we need:

To Convert your M4As to MP3s:

And, if you want your files to be extra shiny:


First, find an audiobook on Youtube (hint, search for ‘book title audiobook’). In our example, I’m looking for Darth Bane, book 3, so my search is ‘Darth Bane Book 3 audiobook’.

Pay attention to the length. Audiobooks are NOT short. Go ahead and ‘watch’ the video for a bit to make sure it’s what you want.

Copy the URL from the address bar, or a link to the video.


Be sure to get the link to the video


Next, we navigate to and paste in the URL we copied. After clicking ‘Download’, the page shows us the various formats available to download.

Enter the URL


At the very bottom, click download to the right of the M4A audio file. Be advised, this can take a while…


Download your M4A


You can get many free M4A to MP3 converters, but I personally use, though I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. (If you have to reinstall after a while, your key expires and you have to contact support, at which point you are questioned why you are reinstalling).


Edit the metadata for your new MP3 file to make it look professional:

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